Monday, 4 July 2016

Sticks, ropes, and tape

Mr.Tooshkenig and I were blessed to be able to spend some really quality time with a few children on  Thursday as a lot of children were already away for the weekend.
When I arrived Mr.Tooshkenig was setting up a fort with bamboo sticks and a blanket in the sandbox. Instantly the children were drawn to it.
The children went in and out testing the strength and size of the forts. 
After this I brought out many more bamboo sticks, extra blankets, a few types of tape and some rope. The children's imaginations did the rest.
Ski poles...
Making an alteration to the Fort
Measuring the height of the sticks.
"Mine are so tall"
"Mine is touching the roof!" 
"It's bigger then me"
These two best buds were playing peek-a-boo and chase all morning truly enjoying each other's company.
And finally settling in to do some creating.
"Mrs.Thiele can you hold this? It has to be crossed... Yeah like that. Hold still" 
"Mine is going to be so strong" 
"I could use some help tying this string onto my stick."
"It's for a race, on your mark, get set, go!"

We ended the morning playing a chase and capture game. What a wonderful morning with wonderful children. ❤️ 

By: Mrs.Thiele

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