Thursday, 14 July 2016

Rain, Rain Don't Go Away!

Adventure Playground is a place to be adventurous, rain or shine. It started to rain shortly after we went outside. Some of us put on Muddy Buddies and enjoyed the wonderful rain.

There is soccer to be played ...of course! 

"We are trapping you!"

When adults take part in what the children are interested in, there is so much to learn. Teachable moments often arrive during adult and child interactions.  

"I'm making something I don't know."

"I'm getting stuff to cook with."

"I climbed up here before. I can do it."
This is a lesson learned from previous experiences. He encourages himself which build his self confidence.

"Is this a strawberry?"
Curiously every child figures out the world around him or herself. Asking thought-provoking questions can inspire these young people to further investigate things they may not know yet. A response to his question may be "What do you think it is?"

This rock has become a drum. The creativity never ends...

"I caught you!"

"We were running into the finish line and I ran into it and fell down the hill."


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