Tuesday, 28 June 2016

Feather painting

Today is our second day of our 2 weeks outdoors, and it is a beautiful day. I brought out some paint and paper with me when I started my shift at 9 am. Immediately some children asked me what I had and asked me where the paintbrushes were. 
I explained that since yesterday we used a nature item as paint (mud), that today in our nature classroom we would have to use nature items as the brushes. 
I had feathers, sticks, and pieces of pine branches for them to chose from. 
Most children chose to try feather first. I thought this might be because it comes the closest to resembling a paintbrush.
At first this child tried to use the stick end of the feather, after seeing how a child next to her was using the feather she turned her feather around and exclaimed "why didn't anybody tell me to use it like this? It works ways easier!" 
The pine branch left lots of scratchy marks but didn't pick up the paint very well so was put back fast by many children. 
"I made a rainbow"
"I made a big guy"
"Oh what is he doing?"
"I don't know... Nothing." 

Painting is a great way to get the creative juices flowing, and using something unique like the nature items we used today helps children to realize that there's not only one right way to do things! 

By: Mrs.Thiele 

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  1. Thank you for inspiring our little ones to be curious and to think out of the box! It's so much fun to see them create and be able to have freedom to create with more than conventional items.