Thursday, 14 July 2016

King's Park

At King's Park this week we...

Found a bunch of frogs
"I'm watching the frog swimming"

Enjoyed exploring and finding lots of plants, bugs, flowers, and different types of berries.
"Smells like licorice" 
"It's a monarch caterpillar"
"A raspberry!"

Climbing in the rock garden.
And a tree or two.

Finding lots of muck and mud to walk through... And play in.
"I'm making holes for the worm to go in"
"My boots! They're yucky!"

Exploring new areas and trying to learn the layout of King's park.
"Hey if this bridge is over here that means we've been going in a big circle!"
"I never saw this place before" 
"Mrs.Thiele can we go adventuring again?"


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