Monday, 27 June 2016

Mud painting

Today is the first day of our outdoor week.
Some children joined in an art activity where we used mud as paint.
A lot of children asked why we were using mud... To hear some of there thoughts about it I asked the question back to them, why do you think we have mud as paint?

"I like the mud, I have to crush these hard parts"
"I like the mud too."
"My mud has bubbles in it, why is there bubbles?"
"Mrs.Thiele did you forget to buy the paint?"
"My painting has a story, these are the foot prints of all the animals that went to the lake."

I explained to the children that before paint was created people probably used mud and other natural materials for their art. I asked them what other naturals items they thought people might have used for art back then and some of the ideas they had were berries, rocks that can make marks, dandelions, flowers, tomatoes, and puddles. 

By: Mrs.Thiele 

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