Thursday, 2 June 2016

Rain, rain

Rain, rain go away...... Wait!
That's not right.... Rain can be fun and these resilient children won't let a little rain and wind ruin their fun.

We went to the far field, the first thing we all noticed was an awesome deep mud puddle!
"My boots are gone!"
"The big stick made a big splash!"

Some children began to notice some trees were leaning way over. When they asked me why the trees were falling over I asked the question back to them.
"Maybe the wind blew them"
"Maybe they're hurt"
"I think a giant stepped on them"

Then 2 children worked together to overturn a large rock. Excitedly they invited the other children to see what they found, soon everyone was involved in searching for worms. 
"I've got lots"
"They tickle my hand"
"Mine is fat"
At the lunch table Mrs.Thiele asked us where all the worms we were eating for lunch went. After a few groans and giggles one child replied. "Mrs.Thiele we are not birds"

By: Mrs.Thiele
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