Wednesday, 8 June 2016

Fun with Laces 😊

It was a nice time to play with laces and ribbons in the back field. We were excited to bring out our laces which we had tied to sticks in the classroom. There were lots of smiles as the children swung their laces. 
After a while some children imagined that their laces gave them magic powers.
"I have snow power! Yours is grass power."
"No... Mine is not grass power... It is wind power!"
"But wind is not green..." (Referring to the green lace)
"That's okay.... Whoosh" 
"I need my ribbon"
"Yours can have fire power"
"Yeah! Fire! Fire! Fire!"
Then off the three children ran into the bush where from a distance I could hear...
"Fire! Fire!"

By: Mrs.Cruz 

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