Thursday, 17 March 2016

Yellow ducks

It's raining ,it pouring and XP is snoring! With the first rain fall of the year comes the closing of our play grounds. (with the exception of our structures and field)   It's too wet to play without wrecking  our grass and causing giant mud puddles to appear. So to save our playgrounds from destruction we go for walks or to local parks.  For that we dress up in our yellow muddy buddies and the teachers give us a partner to walk with.  Usually it's an older child with a younger child, the older child is responsible for helping guide the younger child and making sure that they keep up and stay in line. Sometimes some of the older children need to be reminded but thats ok, because they are still learning! Mr. Blatz says that we look like little ducks in our muddy buddies and our teachers agree!
Can you tell who is who? 
Sometimes on our walks we have to stop and fix a mitten or a boot before we can keep walking. Everyone needs to stay where they are with there partner while we wait for the problem to be fixed. 

It's so tempting to go and jump in the big puddle! But we've got to stay on the sidewalk!

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