Tuesday, 22 March 2016

Where's my marbles?

Today was special. One child happened to bring a marble in her pocket from home, then shortly after another child  happened to bring a marble from home as well!
The two children began to build a marble race track, catching the attention of a group of other children. Shortly after Mrs.Thiele located some marbles and some plastic tubing so we could all work on building marble tracks. 
Marbles can be quite dangerous for younger children so we took precaution such as only giving one marble to each child, designating a marble only area, and having a teacher supervise the marble building closely. 

"Mrs.Thiele where's my marble?" 

By Mrs.Thiele 

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  1. I noticed a few marbles the other morning when I poked my head in to say "good morning". Now I understand better what was going on and where it all went throughout the day. Thanks for sharing.