Tuesday, 6 September 2016

One bunny, and one squirrel

The other day I noticed a child pulling all the prickles off of a pine tree, as we at Discovery discourage children from pulling things off the growing plants (unless it's our garden snack) I approached him to see what he was up to.
"It's for the bunnies to eat" he told.
"You're trying to feed the bunnies?" I clarified
"Yes I will bring one bunny to my mommies, and one squirrel to my daddy's." He told me proudly.
After he set up his spot for the bunny to eat, he looked at it and smiled seeming to be happy with his work. Then he declared
"My bunny is hungry for carrots!" And I knew just where to get some.
After some time other children noticed what we were doing and came to join.
"I can keep care of the pine cones in this tire."
"The tire is a good spot, bunnies like to hide."
When it was time for lunch we brought in our carrots so we could eat them after.
We didn't end up catching any bunnies or squirrels this time but there is always next time.

By Mrs.Thiele

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