Monday, 22 August 2016

Watch me!

"Watch this!"                                               "Mrs.Thiele can you watch me?"
                                    "Watch me!"
       "Over here!"
                                                              "Look at my big jump!"

Sometimes teaching preschool you wish you could have eight sets of eyes like a spider to see all the exciting things everyone is doing. And I'm sure as a parent you wish you could be like a fly on the wall, or playground to see all the exciting things your children are doing here.

Here are some of the exciting things your children were demanding my attention over this morning:
Really cool spin jumps over the dirt path...
How they can get up the big tires all by themself and how they can jump down...
Balancing on the long wood pieces and logs.
"Careful on these guys" 
Then we ended off by finding some really neat caterpillars in a garden. A teacher told us they were blue swallow tail caterpillars.

By: Mrs.Thiele 

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