Monday, 16 May 2016

"Squirmy Wormy"

It was a chilly and wet outside, which meant a perfect day to dig up worms in the Adventure Playground! The Christian Preschool and Preschool 2 children showed cooperation and teamwork as they dug up worms using their sticks in the ground. 
They gathered all their worms on the big rock ang observed how the worms moved. Mrs. Cruz said that we are like "worm whisperers" because we found a lot of them in a short time. 
After watching the worms, we put back our worms where we found them using our bucket of dirt. We had fun and also showed respect to all living things by returning the worms to their home after we finished watching them. We can not wait to see what we will find next on our adventures... 😍

By: Mrs. Cruz

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