Monday, 16 May 2016

In the sandbox...

I found myself supervising the sandbox play this morning, children came and went and this is what I saw...

"I'm stuck, I'm stuck!" 
"You're feet are buried deep" 
"Let's dig her out!"
"Yeah but don't use the shovel, you might hurt her."
"We got a big stick"
"Yeah it's heavy"

"We're building a house"
"This is the door, see? You go through here." 
"This circle would make a good window" 
"Hmm we need a roof..." "What could we use?"

"Watch!" He stuck his sharp stick in twisting it, then after pulling it out he used his finger to measure the depth of the hole.
"I'm going to make you a cake" 

Sand is a wonderful material that children are able to use in many ways. We can help foster creativity as we provide items for the children to use with the sand and support their ideas. 
By Mrs.Thiele 

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  1. What a really nice "sand pit" blog. Very enjoyable reading. Thanks for sharing.

    Ron Blatz