Monday, 11 January 2016

Beading and Building

As the weather was so chilly this morning we spent the morning indoors, this is some of what we did....

Lots of us worked hard on making bracelets or necklaces with beads and pipe cleaners. We had to concentrate really hard to pick up those tiny beads and get them on the pipe cleaners, it was a good workout for our little fingers.
A conversation between Landon and Violet
"I'm all done!"
"It looks beautiful"
"Of course it looks beautiful"

While some of us were beading, others were busy at work locking Ms.Penner into a block jail. We thought about how tall it would need to be to make sure it covered way up to her head. We used our big muscles to move all the blocks and we all had to cooperate to get the job done together.

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