Monday, 14 November 2016

Fort building

Today some of the children had an awesome idea.
They wanted to build a fort. At first the fort was not working because every time they pulled on one side the other side would fall.
"it's not big enough" someone finally said

We then laid out all of our blankets on top of each other trying to measure which one was the biggest.
"I think the green ones bigger cause look" pointing to the corners sticking out from under another blanket.
After all our measuring we realized none of the blankets would be big enough for their idea. Luckily an old curtain that we store away was more than big enough.

We used clothes pins to hold up the blankets.
More blankets were added as carpets, and door ways. Pillows were added for comfort and of course the baby dolls made their way into the fort as well.
Ta-Da! We did it!
This fort building project allowed us to share our ideas, work on cooperation, practice our awareness of sizes and measuring all while playing!

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