Friday, 14 October 2016

Rainbow carrot muffins

This week we were able to harvest our rainbow carrots, we had lots!
We ate some as they were but since we had so many I thought we should bake with them. To be completely honest baking is not my favorite thing but the children love it, and there are so many developmental benefits to it so this is what we did.

First we peeled the carrots, and used the peelers to shred the carrots into tiny pieces.
"I've never peeled a carrot before but now I know how"
"Look at how I do it"

Next we measured out our dry and wet ingredients into two separate bowls. Then mixed them together. It took a lot of team work and patience as we went around the table and took turns adding ingredients. Before putting them in the oven we scooped out the batter into muffin tins.

Finally after waiting what felt like an eternity to some children we were able to eat them! They were enjoyed by most and many children asked for seconds!
"My muffin smells like carrots, and tastes like carrots"
"I like these carrot muffins"
Overall the whole baking process took us 2 hours and it was worth every minute!


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