Tuesday, 26 April 2016

Exploring Spring

It looks like Spring is finally here to stay!!

These last couple of days had perfect weather; not too hot, not too cold! We explored the many areas of the adventure playground and even made friends from the other programs. :)

"I got up here all by myself, no help."

Our activities throughout the last couple of days included many examples of:

Teamwork by helping each other dig holes in the sand pit and working together to build our "tire houses".

Kindness and generosity when we shared our toys and included everyone in each activity so we could all have fun!

Patience as we took turns to make our activities fair for everyone.

And exploration as we discovered so many new activities to enjoy while we spent time in nature. 

Some of these activities included building houses out of tires, playing pirate ship, "cooking", building structures in the sand and making an imaginary store out of our clubhouse!

"Let's build a castle on that rock"


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